St. Andrew's Episcopal Church is wheelchair accessible. Assistive devices for the hearing impaired are available.

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Inquiring Minds Wanted---Come and Experience God's Love at St. Andrew's

We are in the “looong” season after  Pentecost.  On June 8th, Pentecost, began the church season referred to as “Ordinary Time”.  It runs from Pentecost through November 30th.  

Advent, is the next season. Advent is a time for anticipating the coming celebration of Jesus’ birth day. It begins December 1st. Advent is also a time when we are reminded that Jesus promised to come again.  While today we primarily anticipate celebrating Jesus’ birth, we are also mindful that “He will come again.” So, Advent is a time of spiritual preparation.

Our Christian Education for Pre-K through grades 5/6 starts on Sunday September 7th.  “Sunday School” begins at 10:30 am, with all children joining the service for communion.

The Middle & High School Youth Group also begins on September 7th; its starting time is after coffee hour, 12:30 pm and ends at 2:00 pm.  The Youth Group will be meeting the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month through May 2015. Additional gatherings or changes will be reflected on the parish calendar.  The calendar may be accessed on this website.

A fall outing to Apple Jack Pumpkin Patch, for all ages, will take place Sunday October 19th.  This will be an outing for all ages, with new parish tee-shirts to make their debut that Sunday.

Where are you on life’s spiritual journey? Have you always believed, but also have questions? Perhaps, you have a strong faith and looking to worship in a loving community? OR  Are you not even sure there even is a God, but hope there is?  Beyond Jesus being the answer, we believe God hopes that all people will continue to grow and question, throughout their lives.  Bring your questions, hopes, dreams and doubts, joining with us, as we all seek to experience God more fully. We hope that you will come and experience worshiping God, being fed by God’s Word, bread and wine, as well as experiencing a loving welcome.

Bring your questions, your doubts, as well as your hopes and faith. We worship together every Sunday at 10:30 am.  Come as you are, don’t worry about getting dressed up or about impressing any one.  Everyone is welcome.  Come hear the Good News, No One is Excluded from God’s Love. Each Sunday communion is offered to all of Jesus’ followers.  

We strive to share God’s love, in our church, in our community and in the world.   We share God’s love, through our actions, in giving from our time, talents and treasure.  

Our Outreach to the World, Adult Education and Bible studies continue year around, with some breaks.  Come, bring an open mind, an open heart along with your hopes, doubts, fears and questions. 

Would you like more information, please contact our priest, Fr. Tom, by calling the Office, 788-2595.  Or at Please, like us on Facebook!

Please come.  

God’s Peace be with you,