St. Andrew's Episcopal Church is wheelchair accessible. Assistive devices for the hearing impaired are available.

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Inquiring Minds Wanted---Come and Experience God's Love at St. Andrew's

We are in the “looong” season after  Pentecost.  On June 8th, Pentecost, began our summer season at St. Andrew’s.  This is a time when parishioners take vacations, baseball teams are active and many go to the lake.  BUT, Sunday services are still at 10:30 am. While summer activities end in August, our church season, after Pentecost, continues until November 30th.  Advent, a season anticipating the coming celebration of Jesus’ birth day, begins December 1st.

Summer Church Camp  is a tradition at St. Andrew’s.  This year we had 12 youth going to Mega-Camp.

Vacation Bible School is also a St. Andrew’s summer tradition.  This year St. Andrew’s is partnering with Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, in offering our Vacation Bible School to the children and families of this area..

Here are the VBS details:  When: Thursday July 31st, finishing up on Saturday August 2nd

What:  Thursday and Friday nights VBS starts at 6:00 pm, with a light                                                                  meal, followed by VBS program.  Each evening ends at 8:30 pm.                                                                Saturday, begins 10:00 am through 4:30 pm. A snack and lunch will be served. 

Special Event: Following the VBS program there will be a bar b que,                                                                    starting at 4:30 pm.   VBS participants and families are invited to                                                              come share a great meal. It starts at 5:00 pm. Families are asked                                                              to bring a side dish, with meat, drinks etc being provided.

 Who: Everyone is invited, ages K-6th grades.  Older youth may help,                                                                   please pre-register.  Please CALL, 788-2595, to reserve a spot!                                                                     Invite your neighbor’s children as well as the ones down the block.

Where are you on  life’s spiritual journey? Have you always believed, but have questions? Strong faith, looking to worship in a loving community? Not sure there even is a God, but hope there is?  Beyond Jesus being the answer, we believe that all people continue to grow and question, throughout their lives.  Questions are encouraged, as we all seek to experience God more fully. We hope that you will come and see.

Bring your questions, your doubts as well as your hopes and faith. We worship together every Sunday at 10:30 am.  Come as you are, don’t worry about getting dressed up or about impressing any one.  Everyone is welcome.  Come hear the Good News, No One is Excluded from God’s Love. Each Sunday communion is offered to all of Jesus’ followers.  

We want to share God’s love, in our church, in our community and in the world.   We share God’s love, in our actions, giving from our time, talents and treasure.  

Our Outreach to the World, Adult Education and Bible studies continue year around, with some breaks during the summer months.  Come bring an open mind, an open heart along with your hopes, doubts, fears and questions. 

Please contact our priest, Fr. Tom, by calling the Office, 788-2595.  Or at Please, like us on Facebook!

Please come.  

God’s Peace be with you,