2020 ALREADY!

Whoa! All of a sudden Christmas is over and now we’re looking at 2020 and a new decade.  I thought Christmas came and went incredibly fast and it’s not just me.  Everyone I talk to says the same thing.  We had Thanksgiving and then it was the St. Andrew’s Dinner.  And by the way, I thought the St. Andrew’s Dinner was really fantastic.  Great food, fun, and fellowship.  And the entertainment!  It can’t get much better than The Nutcracker and the South High Jazz Band. Thanks to everyone for the hard work that was put into the St. Andrew’s Dinner and our Christmas Eve service.  St. Andrew’s is really a team.  Together Everyone Achieves More.  And it was wonderful that we had guests for both events.    Way to go St. Andrew’s!


Speaking of things going fast, January is the month in which Epiphany starts and then after Epiphany, it’s Lent, and then OMG! It’s Easter!  But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself and I need to get back to Epiphany.  Epiphany is a really important time for us as Christians and this year it lasts from January 6 to February 23.  During this time, we will hear about the visitation of the Magi to the baby Jesus, the baptism of Jesus, the calling of the first disciples, Peter and Andrew, and the Transfiguration of Jesus.  These four stories tell us who Jesus is and who we are.  Epiphany tells us that God has come to us as a little baby because of God’s love for all creation and that love is shown to us every night by the stars in the sky.  Epiphany tells us that God incarnate in Jesus wants to be in our lives as shown in Jesus being baptized just like ordinary people.  Epiphany also tells us of the importance of discipleship and what it means to follow Jesus.  Epiphany then tells us with the Transfiguration that we can also be transformed by allowing ourselves to be in the presence of God and seeing the presence of God in all things and in all people.  With Christmas God comes to us, and with Epiphany our lives as Christians really begins.  As I said, Epiphany is a big deal and it can be a really exciting time.


It’s fitting that Epiphany is when we begin a new year.  2019 has been a good year for St. Andrew’s.  Though we haven’t grown in numbers, I believe that we have moved forward as a community of faith and I am looking forward to what 2020 has in store for us.  I continue to feel blessed to be your priest and pastor and all of you inspire me with your faithfulness and love for each other.  Happy New Year everyone and may the light of this Epiphany lead us to new lives in Christ and to be a blessing and transforming presence to others.


Faithfully yours,

Fr. Mike